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AI language models and their capabilities in imitating human communication

Author: Ms. Noryne Ridouane Dafir

AI language models are foundational to a still-ongoing revolution in language and computer science . Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and DALL-E are trained to understand, generate and interpret text that closely resembles human language. They have managed to permeate daily life and transform public consciousness on the potential of Artificial Intelligence. This blog post aims to synthe...

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Ethical Considerations in AI: Navigating the Moral Landscape

Author: Ms. Hiba Moideen

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become an essential part of our daily lives, affecting decision-making processes, automating chores, and transforming many businesses. As AI technologies improve, it becomes increasingly important to traverse the complicated moral environment surrounding their research and use. Navigating the moral terrain in the field of artificial intelligence is critical...

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Unveiling the Healing Potential: The Wonders of Apitherapy with Bee Venom

Author: Ms. Khawla Alyammahi

Beyond the familiar sting we associate with bee encounters lies a hidden gem—bee venom. Bee venom, a complex substance produced by our tiny pollinator friends, has recently been gaining attention for its potential health benefits. The Fujairah Research Centre (FRC) aims to explore the therapeutic potential of bee venom through the lens of apitherapy. We will delve into the research conducted by th...

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Exploration of the Native Plants from the Biodiversity of United Arab Emirates for Conservation and Reintroduction Efforts: Collection, Verification, Design, and Implementation of UAE Flora Database

Author: Ms. Aishah Aldhanhani

Native plants are plant species that have evolved and naturally occur in a specific geographic region, ecosystem, or habitat without any human intervention or introduction. These plants have adapted to the local environmental conditions, including climate, soil types, and ecological interactions, over an extended period, typically thousands of years or longer. Native plants play a vital role in su...

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Native plants research/Biochar

Author: Dr. Francois Mitterand Tsombou

Prosopis juliflora commonly called mesquite is a big evergreen shrub native to Centrale and South Americas. This plant species was introduced in many countries including arid and semi-arid regions with the main goal to combat desertification process and to stabilize the soil against natural erosion. To date, plants of P. juliflora are found in around 73 countries including the United Arab Emirates...

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